Getting a Good Night’s Sleep While on the Road

I love traveling! However, one thing that I always dreaded when I am away from home is sleeping. Yes, I have difficulty sleeping whenever I travel but lately, I have been practicing some tips that I read online that helps me sleep.

Lack of sleep can be very problematic when all you want to do is enjoy the limited time you have. It can make you feel tired and irritated and it can result in an unsatisfying trip. Worse, it can even lead to health problems so forget about enjoying your trip and to add insult to injury, you will have to pay for medical bills. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to at least manage this problem.

Here are some tips that I have learned and I hope that it can help you if you are like me.

Try to replicate what you do at home when you are about to sleep.

This is a very simple thing that you can try to do. Of course, it’s not possible to replicate everything but do so with things that you can. For example, if you take a shower or bath before sleeping, do so as well when you are traveling as it can help your body recognize the patterns that you do before sleeping.

Make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable mattress.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, ask them before you check in what type of mattress they have and if you know the mattress type that you are comfortable with, you can request that particular mattress for your room. I have done this in the past and some hotels will gladly cater to your request but some will not. If you are in the latter situation, you can solve the problem by bringing a mattress pad with the materials that you like with you. This may not be very convenient but trust me, it will pay off big time as you will be able to sleep properly and enjoy your travels.

Mattress pads or toppers are very helpful especially if you have “needs” such as cooling, extra support, a particular firmness preference and so on.

I have a spring type mattress at home and I have difficulty sleeping on other types of mattresses because my body is used to that particular mattress.

Be prepared and bring your “sleeping essentials” with you.

Things such as ear plugs or ear muffs, sleeping mouthpiece or your favorite sleep attire. This will help in lessening the distractions as you are trying to sleep. Remember, you are in a different place so the environment will be very different from your home. There might be barking dogs or cats in heat outside if you are staying in a bnb house or if you are in a hotel, the walls may be thinner than optimal and you might hear noisy children, arguing adults or couples that are having rough sex.

As for your sleepwear, it is very helpful if your body is very comfortable as you try to sleep as this will help you relax even more.

Reduce distractions.

When you are about to sleep, just close your eyes and relax. Don’t turn on the TV in hopes of watching a boring show to help you go to sleep, don’t continuously check your phone, don’t read books or travel brochures that may get you excited for tomorrow’s activity. Basically, don’t do anything that will deter you from sleeping.

Having difficulty sleeping while you are traveling is a very common problem. If you are experiencing it, it can really lead to lack of enjoyment and hopefully these tips will help you as it did me. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential in having a fun and fulfilling trip.

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