First Stop, the Philippines

One of the things that made me curious about Southeast Asia is realizing how much I don’t know about it. I’ve been living in California my whole life and I’ve had my share of encounters with people from this corner of the world and I didn’t really bother looking into their culture, until now.

Filipinos are everywhere!

My first stop is the Philippines in my tour of Southeast Asia. There are countless Filipinos where I live and I encounter them on a daily basis. I’ve managed to strike friendships with a lot of them and I must say, they are very “westernized”. Since I haven’t been to the Southeast Asian region, I thought that maybe the Filipinos in their country are “westernized” too and this would be very helpful in helping me get acclimated to the region.

Boy, was I wrong!

Filipinos are not as westernized as I thought they would be, especially in the provinces where I planned to spend most of my time in. They are very different from those that I encountered back home in LA and it is actually quite nice, surprisingly. I thought that I would be uncomfortable here but I was wrong, they are very welcoming and friendly despite the difference in culture and some communication problems.

In Metro Manila, yes, there are people that act all westernized and I found it kind of annoying to be honest. After a while, I wanted a genuine Philippine experience and I thought that I would not be getting it in the city. That’s when I decided to go to the provinces where I thought I could get the whole genuine Philippine experience.

The Food is…. Different

Another reason why I wanted to go to the Philippines is their cuisine. I loved eating adobo, sinigang and kare-kare whenever I would visit my Filipino friends home. However, they told me that their recipes are not really authentic and they are adjusted to the taste of Americans. If I really wanted to have an authentic Filipino dish, I should visit their country, they say.

And here I am, so far, the food is exceptional. I haven’t tasted it all but one of the recipes that I loved was the Bulalo I had in Tagaytay. It was almost a perfect food that can warm you and fill you up at the same time. I also loved the dipping sauce that had a funky smell, I think it was called “patis” or fish sauce as it is more commonly known.

I am loving it so far here in the Philippines and right now, I am in Cebu, making my way to Mindanao.

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