Thailand Cuisine – My Favorites!

When I was still a kid, I despised spicy foods. Even during my early 20s, I would only eat spicy foods if there were no other choices. Now, I’m still quite picky but I can appreciate spicy foods more.

I heard from friends that when you go to Thailand, you should be prepared because everything is spicy. I thought they were just exaggerating but boy, they were right. A lot of the foods here are so spicy that sometimes I get the feeling that when I get back home, I don’t ever want to eat another spicy food ever again.

That is not to say that their food is bad, in fact, they’re great. It’s just that spicy food is not my forte. Anyway, here are my favorite foods in Thailand.

  • Tom Kha Gai

Tom kha gai or chicken galangal soup is one of the first ones that I tried here in Thailand. It’s very delicious and I love the aroma. The coconut based broth is so rich and creamy that it’s so filling. Galangal tastes a little like ginger and as I said in my post about Filipino food, I love ginger!

  • Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong or Spicy Thai Shrimp Soup is another galangal based dish that I truly enjoyed. I’ve always had this at Thai restaurants back home and they pale in comparison to the real thing.

  • Soup Neua

Beef is not as widely used here in the area that I’m staying at as pork so when I saw soup neua in the menu, I immediately ordered one. It’s one of the best noodle dishes that I’ve tried to date. The beef is so tender and the broth so rich with a great aroma.

  • Gaeng Hanglay

This dish is not as famous as some of the well known Thai foods but man it’s so good. As I love ginger, this was already on my list of foods to eat when I was still in the planning stages for my trip. It doesn’t disappoint.

  • Gai Tod

Who doesn’t like fried chicken? If you don’t, I will fight you! Just kidding, This Thai version of fried chicken is very different than what I’m used to and the taste is something that I can’t forget.

  • Khao Ka Moo

This braised pork leg is very easy to make as the procedure for cooking is simple but man, it tastes so good. Paired with rice, this is a delicious and filling meal.

These are my favorites so far, out of all that I’ve tasted. There are still so many more to eat here and sometimes, I’m overwhelmed as to what should I order. The food here is so good that when it’s time to eat, I get excited. I’m thinking that there will be a part 2 for this post as there are so much good food here and I want to eat as much of them as I can!

Philippine Cuisine – Foods you have to try

As I have written in my very first post, I am in love with the foods that the Filipinos have to offer. Of course, there are some that I wouldn’t dare to try, even with a gun to my head, well, you get the idea. Most of the foods that I have eaten here so far have been great but there are some misses as well.

So far, I have been doing an all Filipino food diet and I have to say, if I don’t control myself, I’ll be even more overweight than I currently am. Having said that, it really is hard to control my appetite, especially when it comes to the rice. What I found is that the foods are so flavorful so you really need to pair it with rice to lessen the flavor somewhat and this makes me eat more than I would want.

I don’t know why but I just don’t get full at the same rate as I do when I am at home in Cali. Anyway, it’s not really a big deal for me as I can lose weight fairly easily due to an active lifestyle but if you are planning on visiting the Philippines and you don’t control your appetite, be prepared to gain weight and work hard to shed those pounds when you go home.

Foods that you should try

  • Kare Kare

This is one of my favorites whenever I am visiting my friends’ house back home. Kare kare is a stew with peanut flavored sauce, ox tail, tripe, lots of veggies and it is served with shrimp paste on the side. The shrimp paste makes a lot of difference because the stew is kind of bland on its own. I have friends in the US that don’t like this particular dish but I really love it, an acquired taste perhaps?

  • Bulalo

The perfect meal when it’s cold outside. I just loved this one when I was in Tagaytay. The weather there is cold and this is just perfect, in fact, I think I ate one everyday I was there, enough said. This is basically a beef soup using beef shanks and when they cook it, they let it simmer until the bone marrow dissolves into the soup. The result is a melt in your mouth beef with a soup that is full of beef flavor. Pair it with rice and I’m pretty sure you will ask for seconds.

  • Tinolang Manok

A chicken soup that has a gingery flavor. I love ginger!

  • Lechon

When I was in Cebu, the first thing that I wanted to do was to eat lechon. It is a roast pig with crispy skin and tender meat. It did not disappoint. In fact, I wanted to hate it because it is so unhealthy for you but I just can’t.

  • Crispy Pata

Another roasted pork dish that I wanted to hate due to its unhealthiness but I just can’t. I loved it and it is very similar to the Lechon but with subtle differences. The skin is super crispy and flavorful.

  • Tapsilog

This is my go-to breakfast everyday. It’s basically a full meal that has marinated beef, eggs and garlic rice. They call the beef “tapa”, the rice “sinangag” and the tagalog word for eggs is “itlog”. The taste of the marinated beef differs from one restaurant to another, fortunately, they all taste good.

  • Sinigang

Who doesn’t know about sinigang? I don’t think I need to describe this dish as most people will have already known about it by now. It’s best when the weather is cold but even when the weather is hot, I still had it. My favorite is the shrimp version.

  • Dried Fish and Squid

Another breakfast food that I had regularly is the the dried fish or dried squid. They serve it with garlic rice and egg and it’s very filling. It might be too salty for some but for me, I didn’t mind the saltiness.

  • Longganisa

There are many variations of longganisa in the Philippines. It’s their version of a sausage and I won’t even try defining each and every one of the versions that I had. One version that I really loved was the “vigan” one.

That’s all that I can think of right now and I’m sure I’ve left out plenty of delicious foods off this list. I’ll be back after trying other dishes.