Tires vary depending on brand and actual measured sizes. You will find that the actual size of a tire may vary an inch or more from what is on the sidewall. In most all cases, the tires are smaller than the sidewall measurement reads. For example, most 30 inch tires may in fact be more like 29 inches tall.

One problem with the way the Grand Cherokee is set up is that the wheels are set up from the factory to not allow a very large tire. The largest stock size that can fit in with no (or very minimal) contact at full compression is a 30x9.5x15. You may be able to cram in a 31 inch tire if you are just driving on the highway, but once to start going up in size, you will see a lot of contact with the inside of the fender well, and other parts (control arms, sway bars) with just the stok setup.

In order to increase the size of tires that will fit, but best option is to add a lift to your Jeep. For more information on what lift will allow what size tires, please visit HERE.

If anyone has found other tire sizes that fit on a stock Grand Cherokee, or if you wish to provide pictures of how your tires look stock, please contact



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